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Providing a sustainable product that will carry the drying industry into the future.

TTF Products

We are a stable company that sticks with what works. The first hinged peg was patented in 1832 and used a wooden screw as a pivot point. As you can see by today’s design this did not last long. The hinged peg was patented by David M. Smith in 1853 using a lever action with a metal spring. We decided to change to this type of design some 100 years after the original patent being granted as we did not want to jump into something that may not work. We also were mindful of the availability of steel. In around 1955, we lodged our own patent for a peg along with around 149 other patents for pegs in the mid-1900s. This is the peg we make today and it has been very successful for us.


We did not change to plastic as a base material for our pegs and we believe that decision is about to pay off for us. We use renewable resources to manufacture our product consisting of plantation tree wood and recycled steel. We will acquire a sustainable forest of plantation wood in Mt. Burr in the South East of South Australia.


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