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Providing a sustainable product that will carry the drying industry into the future.

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TTF was formed in the same year that the colony of South Australia enacted legislation giving women the vote in 1894. We started off from humble beginnings making the push on style of clothes pegs. We did this successfully for many decades with our products finding penetration into overseas markets. These humble beginnings soon lifted us to great heights.

Since humble beginnings in 1894, TTF have grown and continue to expand. The company was formed on a belief that consumers had a right to use quality textile fasteners when completing one of the most fundamental tasks of modern humans, washing and drying clothes. We have not been quick to jump into fads like hinged fasteners or plastic substitutes. We have formed partnerships with our suppliers and continue to develop these today. We will maintain and strengthen our relationship and shared R&D with ‘Lines for ALL Purposes’ and pursue new markets with them in joint marketing exercises.


We will maintain our partnership with ‘Springy Things ‘R’ US’ in Port Pirie who manufacture our springs. They have committed that they will keep all processing on shore for us in order for us to be able to react to market trends quickly.

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Peggy Woodroofe - CEO


Eddie Springston - CFO


Nigel Techner - CIO


Ash Greenway - SM


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